Why is our church website a DOT COM?

Here's the story on the .com:

We've been asked more than a few times: why does WRPC have a "Dot Com" (.com) - and not, as most churches have, a "Dot Org" (.org) or "Dot Net" (.net) - domain name? We don't remember the history well enough to give a confident answer; it was quite a few years ago that we made the choice. Craig Kelley, our webmaster, could give a more reliable explanation, we're sure, of how we settled on www.wrpchurch.com.
In any event, we've become proud of the fact that, in what's increasingly a "Dot Com" world, we're right there alongside General Electric (ge.com) and Microsoft (microsoft.com) and Southwest Airlines (southwest.com). We are, after all, in "business," too: the salvation business. If that host of stewardship parables that Jesus tells (we're going to listen in the fall to many of them that Matthew recorded) sound a common theme, it's that we Christians have a "bottom line" that we ought to attend to as aggressively as any multinational corporation. The only difference is that ours has to do, not with profits, but with souls - men and women, girls and boys, all precious beyond measure to the God who made them and redeemed them at great cost, for nothing but the sheer joy of knowing them intimately forever.
Our church (alongside, to be sure, a bunch of sister churches) strategically situated in a community whose chief business is LANL, we have only begun to think about how we ought to be kicking all our imaginations into high gear so that WRPC (in concert, one can hope, with all our partner churches) takes better care of its sacred business: what we can and should be doing to help put the immense resources of our laboratory and its people to work accomplishing the things that matter to God.
Nothing less would be worthy - don't you agree? - of our "Dot Com" name. Grace and peace, everyone, from our CEO!
White Rock Presbyterian Church