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Learning to live and love as Jesus did is not easy. His way of being in the world--fully oriented around sacrificial love, offering forgiveness and healing to all, making God's abundance visible, consistently calling out injustice, and more--is completely counter-cultural!
At WRPC we recognize the need for growth and learning throughout life about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, as well as continued opportunities to practice living a life of faith. The Discipleship Ministry provides opportunities of both sorts.
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At WRPC we gather on Sunday mornings (and on other special occasions) to be with one another in the presence of God. In doing so, a sacred space is created as we acknowledge God's presence in our lives and in the world, claim and proclaim God's goodness, are reminded of our belovedness (in spite of our very real and frequent screw-ups), and sing, pray, be still, and consider what God might be saying to us right here and right now through the Scriptures.
The Worship Ministry Team helps to create these opportunities.
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Part of what we do as as community of God's people is to love others as we have been loved by God (i.e., extravagantly! abundantly! generously! unconditionally!). We do our best to love and care for one another, as well as extending that love and care to those around us as we are able and have the opportunity to do so.
The Fellowship Ministry works to create opportunities to live out that care and love, both within our community and beyond!
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God is at work throughout the world, and we are honored to partner with others in our community, in our country, and across the globe to do what we can to make the reality of God and God's abundant, saving love a little more real! Check out our Mission page to learn more.
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We believe that living life from a place of faith makes a difference! What does it mean to live a life of faith? Trusting in the reality and fundamental goodness of God, claiming our identity as God's beloved, learning to love as Jesus loved, understanding our stories as pieces in a much bigger story, naming and working to rectify injustices in the world, and more.
We find meaning, strength, comfort, and joy in this way of living, and recognize it is not for us to keep to ourselves. The Outreach Ministry brainstorms ways to share concrete expressions of God's love in the community around us, as well as ways to invite others to join us.